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The foundations for modern bridge building in India was laid with the 'First Iron Bridge over the river Gomti in Lucknow. Built somewhere between 1815 -1840, the bridge popularly known as "Loha-Ka-Pul" excelled in artistic value. To come later was the famous Howrah Bridge in Calcutta over the river Hooghly built between 1935-1941 by BBJ Construction Co. Ltd.

BBJ - Bridge Builders to the Nation

The early story of BBJ started around the mid-thirties. The ever increasing traffic movement between the twin cities of Calcutta & Howrah demanded a wider and stronger bridge in replacement of the then existing pontoon bridge. The authorities accordingly decided on building a cantilever bridge across the river Hooghly. The job undoubtedly called for greater expertise. So the three engineering giants - Braithwaite, Burn & Jessop - came together with their vast experiences and floated a new company. Thus on 26th January 1935 was born BBJ, The Braithwaite Burn & Jessop Construction Company Limited.

The onward march began in 1941 with the marvel that is Howrah Bridge, later, named Rabindra Setu. Its recent achievement is the second Hooghly Bridge or Vidyasagar Setu. In between BBJ has, in its record, a number of engineering landmarks spread across the globe.

BBJ's growth was synonymous with the overall growth of independent India. BBJ's towering achievements are amply evident in India's major Rail Bridges linking East with West and North with South.

The Ganga Bridge at Mokameh, Yamuna Bridge at Delhi, Godavari Bridge at Rajamundry, Krishna Bridge at Vijawada, Brahmaputra Bridge at Pandu are some of the very well known achievements of this company.

Nationalised in 1987, BBJ today is a subsidiary of multiple resource organisation Govt. of India Undertaking BBUNL. BBJ's engineering might and prowess is also evident in installation of major steel plants, thermal power stations, oil refineries, fertilizer projects. BBJ has also undertaken restoration of damaged bridges, creation of fabricated industrial structures and civil construction of major commercial and administrative buildings.

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