Swachh Bharat Mission

"SWACHH BHARAT MISSION - A MASS MOVEMENT FOR CLEAN INDIA", held at our Head Office on 02.10.2014

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi said that Mission Swachh Bharat should become agenda of entire country, in the form of a mass movement to be launched on October 2nd, with aim of creating a clean India by 2019.

The Prime Minister highlighted the need for creating a legal architecture that would institutionalize Mission Swachh Bharat at all levels, upto the village level. He asked the Ministry of Rural Development to explore the possibility of incentivizing best performing villages. He also called for standards of cleanliness to be established for Government offices.

Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, we want Mission Swachh Bharat to become a mass movement that will create a Clean India! "Gandhiji should be our inspiration for Swachh Bharat", he added.

Activities related to cleanliness should be undertaken in every village across the country, the Prime Minister said while highlighting the need for working together with state governments to make this mission a success.

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