Managing Director


Since its incorporation in 1935, BBJ has made a long, eventful and challenging journey. During these seven decades or so we have built numerous iconic bridges across the country and beyond. Quality, timely completion and commitment have helped BBJ strengthen its place in the league of infrastructure companies.

BBJ created numerous signature bridges and iconic structures in Kolkata viz. Howrah Bridge, Vidyasagar Setu, Calcutta Mint, GPO Building, RBI Building and many more in other parts of the country.

BBJ has adopted smart technology and practices cost-efficiency, innovation and entrepreneurship to ensure value addition and total customer satisfaction.

BBJ shall foster a culture of caring, trust, continuous learning and skill development amongst its employees and other stake holders.

To take on challenges in uncharted fields company is willing for collaboration/tie-up with other key players/knowledge centres.

Fully aware of the emerging opportunities BBJ is willing to take greater responsibilities in creation of better infrastructure for the country and the population.

BBJ is in the pursuit of excellence and is committed for creating a brighten and better India.

Brig. B. D. Pandey, S.M. (Retd.)
Chairman & Managing Director